Farewell Russell Brand

August 27, 2015

From Peter Gregory | Thursday, 27 August 2015

Here are two graphs about inequality.

The first is new research from the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak about how many times the word ‘inequality’ has been uttered in the federal parliament.

The second we showed you in Hey in May – it’s from the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson on how unequally the income tax burden is shared among different income levels:

As IPA Deputy Executive Director James Paterson pointed out in this clip from the National Reform Summit in Sydney yesterday, the bottom 50% of individual taxpayers pay 12.4% of net income tax whilst the top 1% paid 16.01%. We’re sure that’s the form of inequality they’ve been talking about so much in Parliament.

James’ press release from yesterday afternoon is here. He says much better ideas for reform are contained in the IPA’s 75 radical ideas (and the follow-up additional 25 radical ideas) than came out of the Summit.

Sinc had this take-down of the speech Treasurer Joe Hockey made on Monday. But, as only Mikayla noticed in all the discussion about the speech, the Treasurer ominously left the door open to applying the GST to healthcare.

Sinc’s been busy. Remember the first time he caught Treasury generating dodgy numbers? Remember the second time? Well, he’s done it again. In the Cat last week, Sinc explained how the Department of Health is telling porkies on plain packaging.

Forget Greece. China is the most important economic story at the moment. Read this piece from The Spectator earlier this month to find out what’s really going on.

We’ve heard lots of amusing reasons why climate change is a problem, but this is the best yet – it supposedly makes it harder for Hollywood to shoot films. Won’t someone think of the mega-rich movie stars?

Speaking of mega-rich movie stars, Russell Brand has quietly announced to his 1.1 million followers that he’s “tired of being the story” and is axing his YouTube show.

Everyone’s been talking about ‘entryism’ in the British Labour party leadership vote. The Guardian this morning tells the story of a 17 year-old receiving an email from Labour HQ asking for covert information on whether his friends are really Labour supporters.

For your long reading – a 3,700 word review of a new book on the Wright brothers in The New York Review of Books earlier this month.

And if you’re in Melbourne in October, come along to a new rock musical: Jacka VC Legend of Gallipoli based on the novel Hard Jacka by Michael Lawriwsky (who spoke at the IPA’s Genius of Western Civilisation Symposium in 2011). Details and bookings here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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