Raise the minimum wage? What could go wrong?

August 6, 2015

From Peter Gregory

Sally Young, Associate Professor of political science at the University of Melbourne, wrote in The Age on Tuesday that the Abbott government is the worst government ever. Why? Because the Abbott government has passed the least amount of legislation of any government since the late 60s.

We are looking forward to Young’s follow up piece about how Malcolm Fraser was a better Prime Minister than Gough Whitlam.

Of course, as the IPA’s Chris Berg said in this video, increasing the number of pages of legislation passed by the federal government is nothing to be proud of:

Robert Conquest, the pre-eminent Western historian who chronicled the horrors of Soviet rule, died on Monday. Here are the three best pieces you should read on Conquest:

The Guardian also published this obituary on Conquest today. It contained the suggestion that he criticized communism “a few times more than was strictly necessary”. I suppose you can ‘go on a bit’ about an ideology responsible for the deaths of 100 million people.

The IPA was delighted to launch Greg Sheridan’s new book, When We Were Young and Foolish, in Melbourne on Monday. You can watch Greg’s speech here:

Other videos from the event featuring John Roskam and Michael Kroger are available here. Book here for Greg’s launch in Brisbane on Monday 24 August. And here for his launch in Canberra on Wednesday 12 August.

James Delingpole in Breitbart on Monday was upset about the Seattle CEO who decided to pay everyone in his organisation a minimum wage of $70,000.¬†Apparently he’s fallen on hard times.

What would Ayn Rand say about that? On Monday Reason asked why famous people recant their admiration for her.

You’ll be relieved to know that a court in the US has ruled against an animal rights group, and found that Hercules and Leo the chimpanzees are not ‘legal persons‘.

Last Wednesday The Week featured this fascinating 5,000 word long piece about the first American to join China’s Communist Party.

The wonderful Connor Court Publishing is holding its 10 year anniversary dinner on Monday 14 September. John Roskam, Professor Ian Plimer and Michael Kroger will be speaking. Details and bookings here.

You can still book for the IPA’s remaining Magna Carta events in Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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