Don’t listen to big business (or economists)

November 26, 2015

From James Bolt

Let’s have a real debate about tax and welfare. Why is $23 billion of welfare spending going towards the top 20 per cent of income earning households? Watch our new video released today by the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak:

You can read Mikayla’s full report Making Welfare Sustainable here.

While the list of supporters of free speech in federal Parliament is growing, our politicians are still well behind the general public. Australia has been ranked 7th out of 38 countries in support for free expression by the Pew Research Center. 

You won’t find a stronger supporter of free expression than Mark Steyn, and the IPA is delighted to be hosting his tour of Australia in February 2016. More details are available here. You can watch Mark’s presentation from his previous tour with the IPA here.

The IPA’s Chris Berg wrote in The Age on Sunday that the Archbishop Porteous case could potentially make it illegal to advocate for an existing law. You can also read the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson’s take in the Catallaxy Files on Sunday.

Andrew Roberts, the great historian of Napoleon and WW2 amongst other things, had this article in CapX on Monday explaining why we should do the exact opposite of what big business tells us to do. John Roskam wrote in 2011 in The AFR that we should also do the opposite of what economists tell us to do. 

ReasonTV this month released this fascinating 30 minute interview with Yeonmi Park about her autobiography and her escape from North Korea. Here’s a great review of her book from the Atlas Network. Click here to find out more about Liberty in North Korea – a fantastic organisation that rescues people from North Korea. 

With Christmas coming up, it’s time to start playing your favourite carols. IPA member Senator David Leyonhjelm debuted this one in the Senate on Tuesday – ‘The Five Bills of Christmas‘.

And with Thanksgiving tomorrow, families across America are making last minute preparations for arguing with relatives about politics. Check out and How To Talk To Your Pansy Marxist Nephew at Thanksgiving. The latter comes with a trigger warning for some lewd language. 

CNN also has this guide to winning political arguments with family members. Remember, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. 

The list of things American college students deem offensive grows every day. Students at the University of Minnesota has now deemed it offensive to remember 9/11.

Our friends at Connor Court are hosting the launch of Dr David Daintree’s new book Soul of the West: Christianity and The Great Tradition on Monday 14 December. John Roskam will be speaking at the event. RSVP here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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Tasmania needs Obama

November 19, 2015

From Peter Gregory

The IPA were one of 6 finalists for the Templeton Freedom Award – liberty’s ‘Nobel Prize’ – awarded in New York last Thursday. We didn’t win the $100,000 prize – the Acton Institute did for their impressive documentary movie, Poverty, Inc. View the trailer here.

One of the outstanding finalists was the Free Market Foundation in South Africa for their work helping black South Africans get property rights. Watch their inspirational video here

I talked about the importance of property rights in Cape Town’s The Cape Times last year.  

Last week we told you about the latest PC totalitarianism emerging on American college campuses. Now the Dean of Students of Claremont McKenna College in California has been forced out for PC crimes. Mark Steyn had this take last Friday and the IPA’s Chris Berg wrote this piece in The Drum on Tuesday. 

And for what must be the third time in a few weeks, we are giving Obama a pat on the back – he called the attack on free speech on American campuses a “recipe for dogmatism” last Thursday.  

I wish Obama was the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (I never expected to write those words). The Commissioner has decided to hear the case against Archbishop Julian Porteous for the crime of disseminating Catholic teachings to Catholics. Read the IPA’s Simon Breheny’s press release here. The IPA’s Morgan Begg’s FreedomWatch post on Dominic Perrottet’s speech on the issue is here.

Read Niall Ferguson’s take on Paris in The Boston Globe on Monday. And there is this now famous 13,000-word long piece on what ISIS really wants from a few months ago in The Atlantic.

This piece in National Review on Tuesday from Kevin D. Williamson is a fascinating insight into why the GOP will win the next Presidential election. 

The IPA is hosting the launch of The Reith Papers, Peter Reith’s new book. You can register for the event in Melbourne on Thursday 26 November here

The HR Nicholls Society XXXVI Conference is on Saturday 28 November. Details and registration here.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Tax Reform Symposium featuring the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson is on in Sydney tonight. Details and tickets here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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The Potatocrats have won again

November 12, 2015

From James Bolt

The winner of the 2015 Reason Video Prize was announced on Tuesday – it’s this video from the Institute of Economic Affairs on sin taxes.

You can watch the other finalists here. Our favourite was Love Gov, a hilarious five-part sketch series based on a college girl dating a guy named ‘Gov’.

John Roskam and James Paterson are in New York now for the awarding of the prestigious international Templeton Freedom Award, for which the IPA is a finalist. The winner will be announced tomorrow. You can see the other finalists here.

Last week former IPA guest Matt Ridley took part in a debate on whether humanity’s best days are ahead of us. Read his excellent opening statement explaining that things are getting better all the time. You can watch the entire debate here, where Ridley and Steven Pinker demolish Alain de Botton and Malcolm Gladwell.

The big story in America this week is the University of Missouri scandal. This article from New York Magazine on Tuesday shows how the scandal demonstrates political correctness can no longer be laughed off.

One journalist tried to film it, but was stopped by a journalism professor (of course). You can see the disturbing clip here – make sure you watch until the end when the professor ominously calls for some “muscle” to remove him. Meanwhile, a law professor at the school had this great blog post saying he will not coddle the protesters and will not stop supporting free speech.

Yale is also having problems with politically correct student protesters, except this time it is over a staff member’s insistence that students should be able to wear any Halloween costume they like.

The average Australian middle income earner receives more in welfare every fortnight than they pay in taxes. That’s the key statistic from the latest report from the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak, which we released yesterday. You can read her media release here, and see our infographic on Facebook here.

Yesterday was a sad day for freedom in Western Australia, as potato farmer Tony Galati lost his court case against the government. Tony just wants to grow more potatoes. Unbelievably, Western Australia restricts how many potatoes farmers can grow. We told you about Tony in Hey in September.

The IPA is proud to host the launch of Peter Reith’s new book The Reith Papers. You can register for the event in Melbourne on Thursday 26 November here.

If you’re in Sydney next Thursday, get along to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Tax Reform Symposium featuring the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson. Details and registration here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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Is that what passes for heritage listing these days?

November 5, 2015

From Peter Gregory

Clearly 45.9% of Australians haven’t read Professor Ian Plimer’s new book, Heaven and Hell: The Pope condemns the poor to eternal poverty:

Here is Ian on The Bolt Report talking about Heaven and Hell last Sunday. To buy your own copy, click here

The graph above is from a CSIRO report released on Tuesday (full report here). Here is Andrew Bolt’s take.

Why would people believe the government on climate change when scandals like this continue to occur? In Breitbart last Thursday James Delingpole said the next ‘Climategate’ scandal is about to unfold.   

Maybe the rise in Australian climate scepticism is because we have a lot of Volkswagen drivers? A couple of weeks ago Matt Ridley had this excellent piece on the scandal engulfing the car manufacturer.

You’ve probably heard that reality TV stars Darren and Dea Jolly have been fined $180,000 for demolishing a heritage-listed house. In Hey in 2009 we told you about a similar incident. We’re not sure which “heritage-listed” house is worse…

As Michael Pascoe asked in The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, why is “this utterly forgettable little box of a house” subject to a heritage order?

Last week Reason depressingly reported that 63% of American college students supported mandatory trigger warnings on campus. At least the words “politically correct” are now considered not politically correct by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Why are cyclists morally superior to motorists asks Karalee Katsambanis in WA Today on Monday? (And she’s an IPA member!!!) You can imagine the reaction she provoked. Imagine if she said that bike helmets shouldn’t be compulsory? This piece in the WSJ last month is about cycling advocates who believe helmet regulations create long-term health problems

This is why we love The Guardian – this piece yesterday suggested that Twitter should be nationalised. In fact, in 2012 a Slate piece argued that Facebook should be nationalised. Imagine if they nationalised Tinder?

In this month’s Standpoint is this fascinating 1,800 word review by Paul Johnson of the second volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher, Volume Two: Everything She Wants.

The IPA is proud to be hosting the Melbourne launch of Peter Reith’s new book, The Reith Papers, on 26 November. Book here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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