The Potatocrats have won again

November 12, 2015

From James Bolt

The winner of the 2015 Reason Video Prize was announced on Tuesday – it’s this video from the Institute of Economic Affairs on sin taxes.

You can watch the other finalists here. Our favourite was Love Gov, a hilarious five-part sketch series based on a college girl dating a guy named ‘Gov’.

John Roskam and James Paterson are in New York now for the awarding of the prestigious international Templeton Freedom Award, for which the IPA is a finalist. The winner will be announced tomorrow. You can see the other finalists here.

Last week former IPA guest Matt Ridley took part in a debate on whether humanity’s best days are ahead of us. Read his excellent opening statement explaining that things are getting better all the time. You can watch the entire debate here, where Ridley and Steven Pinker demolish Alain de Botton and Malcolm Gladwell.

The big story in America this week is the University of Missouri scandal. This article from New York Magazine on Tuesday shows how the scandal demonstrates political correctness can no longer be laughed off.

One journalist tried to film it, but was stopped by a journalism professor (of course). You can see the disturbing clip here – make sure you watch until the end when the professor ominously calls for some “muscle” to remove him. Meanwhile, a law professor at the school had this great blog post saying he will not coddle the protesters and will not stop supporting free speech.

Yale is also having problems with politically correct student protesters, except this time it is over a staff member’s insistence that students should be able to wear any Halloween costume they like.

The average Australian middle income earner receives more in welfare every fortnight than they pay in taxes. That’s the key statistic from the latest report from the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak, which we released yesterday. You can read her media release here, and see our infographic on Facebook here.

Yesterday was a sad day for freedom in Western Australia, as potato farmer Tony Galati lost his court case against the government. Tony just wants to grow more potatoes. Unbelievably, Western Australia restricts how many potatoes farmers can grow. We told you about Tony in Hey in September.

The IPA is proud to host the launch of Peter Reith’s new book The Reith Papers. You can register for the event in Melbourne on Thursday 26 November here.

If you’re in Sydney next Thursday, get along to the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance Tax Reform Symposium featuring the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson. Details and registration here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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