Don’t listen to big business (or economists)

November 26, 2015

From James Bolt

Let’s have a real debate about tax and welfare. Why is $23 billion of welfare spending going towards the top 20 per cent of income earning households? Watch our new video released today by the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak:

You can read Mikayla’s full report Making Welfare Sustainable here.

While the list of supporters of free speech in federal Parliament is growing, our politicians are still well behind the general public. Australia has been ranked 7th out of 38 countries in support for free expression by the Pew Research Center. 

You won’t find a stronger supporter of free expression than Mark Steyn, and the IPA is delighted to be hosting his tour of Australia in February 2016. More details are available here. You can watch Mark’s presentation from his previous tour with the IPA here.

The IPA’s Chris Berg wrote in The Age on Sunday that the Archbishop Porteous case could potentially make it illegal to advocate for an existing law. You can also read the IPA’s Professor Sinclair Davidson’s take in the Catallaxy Files on Sunday.

Andrew Roberts, the great historian of Napoleon and WW2 amongst other things, had this article in CapX on Monday explaining why we should do the exact opposite of what big business tells us to do. John Roskam wrote in 2011 in The AFR that we should also do the opposite of what economists tell us to do. 

ReasonTV this month released this fascinating 30 minute interview with Yeonmi Park about her autobiography and her escape from North Korea. Here’s a great review of her book from the Atlas Network. Click here to find out more about Liberty in North Korea – a fantastic organisation that rescues people from North Korea. 

With Christmas coming up, it’s time to start playing your favourite carols. IPA member Senator David Leyonhjelm debuted this one in the Senate on Tuesday – ‘The Five Bills of Christmas‘.

And with Thanksgiving tomorrow, families across America are making last minute preparations for arguing with relatives about politics. Check out and How To Talk To Your Pansy Marxist Nephew at Thanksgiving. The latter comes with a trigger warning for some lewd language. 

CNN also has this guide to winning political arguments with family members. Remember, if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. 

The list of things American college students deem offensive grows every day. Students at the University of Minnesota has now deemed it offensive to remember 9/11.

Our friends at Connor Court are hosting the launch of Dr David Daintree’s new book Soul of the West: Christianity and The Great Tradition on Monday 14 December. John Roskam will be speaking at the event. RSVP here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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