Tony Galati snubbed for Australian of the Year

January 28, 2016

From James Bolt

Even though the IPA’s nominee for Australian of the Year – Spud King Tony Galati – was brutally snubbed, 91% of Australians are still proud to be Australian:

Here are some other interesting results from the IPA-commissioned poll of 1,000 Australians:

Donald Trump has Republicans pushing the panic button so hard they’ve broken it. Just in case you had any remaining doubts, here are the four best articles on why Americans simply can’t elect Donald Trump: 

Even Bernie Sanders would be better for America than Donald Trump, says former IPA Researcher Patrick Hannaford – now editor for Young Voices in the US – in CapX on Tuesday.

It turns out Republican voters tend to want politicians to stick to their principles while Democrat voters are more concerned about what the government can do for them. You had the theory, now you have the proof. 

There’s more than one anniversary worth celebrating this week: It’s been 10 years since An Inconvenient Truth was first screened. On Monday, WattsUpWithThat? listed the top 10 reasons Al Gore was wrong. 

15-year-old Anthony Ruelas was suspended from his school in Texas for helping another student who was having an asthma attack. According to school rules, he was supposed to wait in his chair for the nurse to respond to an email about the attack. Still, it’s not all bad news for kids – New Jersey has now legalised shovelling snow for money without a permit.

If you were struggling to buy presents for children for Christmas, blame the Nanny State. Look at the toys you used to be able to buy – like uranium.

The IPA’s Morgan Begg tells us what Star Wars teaches us about the history of Western Civilisation in his piece ‘Jedi Vs Jihadi’ in last week’s edition of The Spectator Australia.

Bjorn Lomborg had an important article in The Australian Financial Review on how renewable energy ($) will never provide electricity for the 600 million people in Africa who currently don’t have access.

Mark Steyn’s Restoring Freedom 2016 tour is sold out in Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra. A limited number of tickets are still available in MelbourneSydney and Cloncurry.

The IPA was sad to learn of the passing of our friend and colleague Professor Bob Carter. Last Wednesday John Roskam wrote to all IPA members about Bob’s contribution to climate science. 

Here’s some highlights of what the IPA said over the break:

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