How much do mainstream people pay for cupcakes?

April 7, 2016

From Peter Gregory

Do you consider yourself part of the mainstream? Well, have you ever watched Two and a Half Men, bought a ute, or stocked your fridge with domestic mass-market beer?

On Monday, Charles Murray from the American Enterprise Institute released fascinating new research showing just how much elites are out of touch with mainstream culture:

Do the 25 questions for yourself, here. Watch an 8 minute interview with Murray about the quiz, here.

I wonder where Fairfax journalist Jessica Irvine would rank on Murray’s quiz? In The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday she wrote:

“Why go to the bother of running for parliament, being elected and serving, when your only vision is to reduce your organisation’s revenue?

Why not join the IPA instead?”

Speaking of James Paterson, read his Speccie diary ($) about his first week on the job as a Senator.

On Sunday, The Telegraph reported that a student in the UK violated a safe space by raising her hand.

But I think Australian universities are top of the class this week for campus absurdity. As Matthew Lesh wrote in FreedomWatch, the University of Queensland Union is charging different prices for cupcakes depending on gender and race. And the University of Sydney Union is threatening to de-register the Catholic Society for requiring that members of its executive are Catholic.

But at least the Russian communist party is now embracing global free markets – last night they announced they will seek to copyright the Red Star. This is like when we found out the British Communist Party was selling expensive hoodies and t-shirts online.

This piece on Tuesday in RealClearPolitics tells us the GOP will survive Donald Trump – if the Democrats can survive losing the Civil War and the Republicans can survive the Great Depression, then surviving Trump should be no problem.

There are two pieces of long reading this week. Firstly, this 5,500 word piece in The American Interest on the twilight of the climate change movement. Secondly, this 6,200 word piece in The New York Times Magazine about what happened when venture capitalists took over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

In Brisbane on 28 April, Liberty on the Rocks is hosting the IPA’s Jennifer Marohasy who will be talking about the Bureau of Meteorology and the changing of historical temperature records. Details here.

Our friends at the Centre for Independent Studies are holding an event with the great Dr Theodore Dalrymple in Melbourne on 21 April. Details here. Here is Dalrymple on Lateline last night.

The Dawson Centre are holding a series of lectures on philosophy and civilisation in Launceston and Hobart in April, May and June. Further details here.

What I’m watching this week – Mikayla Novak

David Hart, an Australian now working for the Liberty Fund in the US, delivered a fascinating presentation at the CIS in 2011 about how liberty has been expressed through art. Watch the video here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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