The best resource to end poverty

May 26, 2016

From Matthew Lesh

Coal is the best resource we have to end poverty and bring electricity to the 1.3 billion people in the world without power. As the IPA’s Hannah Pandel reveals in a new video released by the IPA this week:

The IPA’s Brett Hogan calculated Australian coal could provide 82 million Indians with access to electricity. Indeed, Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute told the IPA in his important 2014 speechthat coal is the best resource we have to enable human flourishing.

Both US presidential candidates are under the pump this week. Charles Murray has slammed establishment Republicans who refuse to criticise Donald Trump. Meanwhile, a State Department report released today blasted Hillary Clinton for her dodgy email practices.

It’s no wonder America is screaming out for another option. One poll gives Mitt Romney 22 per cent of the national vote as a third party candidate, and the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson is at 10 per cent. That’s ten times higher than Libertarians have ever polled.

We’ve all heard of safe spaces from opinions, but now we’re seeing safe spaces from bad grades.Students at the prestigious Oberlin College are calling for low grades to be abolished, and exams to be replaced with “conversations”. However, be careful making a joke about these kids: you could fall foul of a college Bias Response Teams.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has been caught employing three low paid au pairs for his family farm. We always knew he supported the Nanny State! The IPA’s Sinclair Davidson congratulated Di Natale for his entrepreneurialism. Maybe he’s read the IPA’s Aaron Lane and Mikayla Novak’s 2014 submission to the Fair Work Commission criticising Australia’s high minimum wage.

The recent discussion about the price of milk and the plight of dairy farmers has ignored the disastrous consequences of government regulation of the water market. This insightful analysis by agriculturalist Johnny Kahlbetzer on On Line Opinion today reveals the reality that farmers face.

Two French music festivals have cancelled performances by Eagles of Death Metal, the band whose Paris show last November turned into a bloodbath at the hands of terrorists. Brendan O’Neill points out how the cancellations are a victory for Isis.

The Huffington Post tweeted a photo to prove how diverse the organisation is. Turns out they’re not that diverse at all – check out the hilarious responses.

Last week we told you about how Facebook has suppressed conservative news. In response, Mark Zuckerberg has hosted conservative leaders at Facebook HQ. Milo Yiannopoulos, of Breitbart, who boycotted the meeting has slammed the “cuckservatives” for attending the public relations stunt. Tom Giovanetti wrote on RealClearPolitics that the whole furore is just the market working.

If you’re in Sydney, young and believe in freedom, come along to our IPA Young members event at the Hotel CBD on June 26 to hear Senator James Paterson, NSW finance minister Dominic Perrottet and entrepreneur Jonathan Hoyle speak.

Op-ed of the week

In an enlightening Wall Street Journal article on Saturday, Deirdre N. McCloskey argues that the West became prosperous because of the liberation of ordinary people to pursue their dreams of economic advancement.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam.

PayPal founder and libertarian Peter Thiel gave this brilliant commencement speech at Hamilton College in New York on Sunday. He discussed digital currency, Shakespeare, Einstein and the heritage of the West. And he told the audience don’t treat every day like it’s your last, act like you will live forever – and so will cherish the people around you.

You can read the transcript here, or watch the 11 minute speech here:

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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