The secret industry drowning the Australian economy

May 12, 2016

What’s the largest industry in Australia? You guessed it: red tape.

That’s the key finding from our new report The $176 Billion Tax On Our Prosperity from the IPA’s Dr Mikayla Novak, which was featured in The Australian ($) yesterday:

Our report also found that:

The most ridiculous case of red tape this week came from Tennessee, where The Daily Signal discovered that it takes 300 hours of training to obtain a licence to wash people’s hair.

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. Paul Johnson will be voting for him. PJ O’Rourke will vote for Clinton – you read that right. Brendan O’Neill had a fantastic article this week in Spiked on how Trump’s success is a result of the hollowing out of democracy and the rise of the anti-political movement.

The IPA’s Brett Hogan wrote in the Australian Financial Review that the government’s superannuation changes would be retrospective.

We may have hit peak global warming stupidity. University of Melbourne professor Ghassan Hage presented his magnum opus to MIT on Monday – ‘Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?’.

The article sweeping America this week was the New York Times’ fascinating 9,700 word feature on Ben Rhodes, the one-time aspiring novelist who became one of Obama’s chief foreign policy advisers. People are shocked at his arrogance and the way he manipulated the media throughout the Iran deal negotiations.

Standpoint this week published a revealing article on how students across Britain are fighting back against campus censorship. We have told you many times how free speech is dying at universities across the world, but maybe the tide is turning…

If you’re in Brisbane and under 26, come to hear the IPA’s Simon Breheny and Matthew Lesh talk about free speech at QUT at our IPA Young members drinks next Thursday. RSVP to Sarah Wilson at [email protected].

Op-ed of the week

In The Telegraph last Thursday, Bjørn Lomborg argued that there are clear positives in global warming – especially for the world’s poor – but discussion is suppressed because it doesn’t support climate policy goals.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Morgan Begg.

In April, The Spectator hosted a debate that asked “Should Britain leave the EU?” By far, the highlight was this rousing speech from Dan Hannan – a guest of the IPA in 2012 – who slammed the EU as an undemocratic, stagnant customs union:

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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