A land of hope and glory once again

June 30, 2016

From Morgan Begg

This chart in today’s Australian Financial Review sums up the choice we have to make on Saturday:

We told you last week about the IPA’s “Ten Policies We Need to Hear in This Election Campaign“. This is what the Liberal Democratic Party had to say about it (they agree with us).

There has never been a more exciting time to believe in freedom. Here are the five most important articles from around the world on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union:

Australia can be an example for the newly independent UK, as IPA Adjunct Fellow Georgina Downer wrote in the Herald Sun on Tuesday. This follows her report and this video released before the vote last week:

The IPA’s John Roskam and Brett Hogan also argued in the Lowy Interpreter on Wednesday that Australia should take advantage of the many opportunities of a UK that is now open for business.

Give this man a Knighthood! Nigel Farage’s latest speech to the EU parliament might just be his best yet. Meanwhile, it has been so disappointing to see Niall Ferguson completely sell out to the EU. Especially since he had it right five years ago.

The race is now on to select a new Conservative Party leader. James Delingpole has thrown his support behind Leave campaign leader Boris Johnson. I’m supporting Boris, too – if only because sugar tax advocate Jamie Oliver has threatened to leave the UK if Johnson becomes Prime Minister.

It’s happened – trigger warnings are now being used by Australian university academics. To get an idea of where this leads, see what happened at the University of North Carolina, where two professors were investigated for exposing their students to viewpoints the students disagreed with.

Don’t believe the hype about electric cars and solar power – as Mark Mills explained at Forbes on Saturday, these sources don’t come close to satisfying the world’s energy needs.

Your long read this week is this 3,600 word piece in Politico about the traditional Democratic Party heartland that could send Donald Trump to the White House.

Wolfgang Kasper, a great friend of the IPA and author of The Merits of Western Civilisation: An Introduction, is giving a lecture on “The Role of Government and Entrepreneurs” to the Bastiat Forums in Sydney on Tuesday. Click here for more details.

Tickets are still available for the launch of Andrew Bolt’s new book in Sydney (15 July) and Melbourne(22 July) that we are hosting with The Spectator Australia.

Article of the week

Conrad Black argued in Canada’s National Post on Friday that the Brexit vote is not just a fresh start for the UK, but a fresh start for Europe and a great chance to resurrect the Commonwealth.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Mikalya Novak

Is your mind numbed by this election campaign, in which lower taxes and smaller government hardly get a look in? If so, liberate your mind with this new offering by the Foundation of Economic Education – five eBooks of great minds in modern classical liberalism.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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