Bigger schnitzels, less spending

July 28, 2016

From Matthew Lesh

Australia’s government debt is growing because of increasing government spending – not general economic conditions. A new report from the former head of the IMF’s budget division has found that the Australian government has been performing worse than any other advanced G20 country:

This makes our debt control the worst in the G20, as Adam Creighton wrote in The Australian on Wednesday.

The IPA’s Daniel Wild hit out at red tape in the Daily Telegraph on Monday – it takes 847 hours and up to almost $10,000 to become a hairdresser in NSW.

Hillary Clinton was officially nominated for the US presidency by the Democratic Party last night. Oren Cass writes in City Journal her policies reflect the worst of modern identity politics. Despite Clinton and Donald Trump being equally unpopular, statistician Nate Silver is predicting a Donald Trump presidency if an election were held today.

Marketing expert Mike Hind outlines on LinkedIn why the anti-Brexit campaign lost – they used inferior language, failed on presentation and lacked a communications strategy.

This is not a joke — Adelaide City Council is considering regulating the size of schnitzels. No wonder South Australia is on track to become the nation’s worst performing economy.

Here’s a great article to send to a stubborn lefty friend – economic freedom is raising incomes, alleviating poverty and increasing life-expectancy in Africa.

Being on the opposite side to Oliver Stone means I must be doing something right! Stone thinks Pokémon Go is “totalitarianism“. A few weeks ago I wrote that Pokémon Go is good for humanity.

This week’s long read is an 8,400 word piece in The Atlantic by Jonathan Rauch, who outlines how and why American politics has fallen into chaos, and controversially argues for a return of the establishment to strengthen political institutions and policy-making.

If you’re young and in Perth next Thursday join me and Simon Breheny for a chat about threats to our essential liberty, freedom of speech – click here to RSVP.

Article of the week

Last Friday billionaire libertarian Charles Koch wrote this fantastic piece in The Wall Street Journal arguing that the best way to improve lives is to have a free and open society.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam

American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks explains in this insightful 8 minute video why not eating your pet dog helps us understand the moral case for economic freedom. You absolutely have to watch it:

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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