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July 14, 2016

From James Bolt

Young Australians are entrepreneurial. That’s one of the main findings from our forthcoming reportGrowing Freedom: Survey of Young Australians:

Young people want to start their own business, but will they be able to? In March, we showed how red tape is ensuring that the rate of new businesses starting in Australia continues falling:

You can read our report on what falling business rates mean for Australia here. In December last year, John Roskam explained how Australia’s red tape problem is so bad that kids can’t even run lemonade stands anymore.

The great Wolfgang Kasper has just released The Role of Entrepreneurs and Government in Australia, a tour de force analysis on what needs to happen to secure Australia’s future prosperity.

On Wednesday, The Telegraph in the UK published this profile of Theresa May, the next Prime Minister of Great Britain. They also called her the next Iron Lady. Spiked aren’t convinced, publishing this article on Monday saying she is “a grave threat to freedom“. This is why Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race, leaving May as the only remaining candidate.

Today in the Herald Sun, the IPA’s Georgina Downer outlined the challenges Theresa May will face as PM, and how she can meet them.

On Tuesday Peter Kurdi from the Centre for Independent Studies released The Democratic Deficit: How Minority Fundamentalism Threatens Liberty in Australia, an important paper on how freedom of speech is being shut down in the name of equality. Miranda Devine covered the report in her article about how ideological fanaticism shut down the NSW greyhound racing industry.

I’m impressed you’ve made it this far in the email without reopening Pokémon Go! The app is sweeping the world, and the IPA’s Matthew Lesh wrote in the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday that Pokémon Go is making more people fit than the Nanny State ever could.

But that hasn’t stopped Nanny Staters from trying to shut Pokémon Go down – Reason published this roundup of all the Nanny State panic the game has caused.

Standpoint this week published a 3,600 word article on how the upcoming US election has the chance to bring libertarianism into the mainstream. The Libertarian Party released this great ad for their US Presidential campaign last month.

And to end Hey on a positive – for the first time in world history, less than 10% of people are living in extreme poverty.

Article of the week

The great Dan Hannan – who was a guest of the IPA in 2012 – nails the issue in this brilliant piece for The Washington Examiner on Monday exposing the divide between “The Working Classes v The Smirking Classes“.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Matthew Lesh

While Boris Johnson’s The Churchill Factor explores the life and career of the legendary Winston Churchill, it also highlights the similarities between Churchill and Johnson: both spectacular orators, prolific writers, and Conservatives widely considered lightweights.

After becoming Britain’s Foreign Secretary overnight, the question for Johnson is: where do the similarities end? Checkout this presentation by Johnson to the Churchill Centre on his book:

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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