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August 25, 2016

From Bella d’Abrera

Labor MP Andrew Leigh has made a great point about the public service in Australia – he just doesn’t know how great it is:

Although there might well be fewer public servants, a report in the Weekend Australian says that their salaries are rising faster than their colleagues in the private sector.

IPA guest Brendan O’Neill joined Andrew Bolt in an impassioned defence of the freedom of speech on Tuesday night.

Brendan set the internet ablaze with this classic Q&A moment about the infamous QUT case on Monday. If you want to learn more about how this case shows 18C is corrupting our legal rights, watch our video.

The IPA’s Aaron Lane told you so. Two years ago, he predicted that Qantas would bounce back without a government bail-out. And guess what? Yesterday Qantas announced that it has made a stunning $1b profit in the last financial year.

Democrats in the US decided that the notoriously draconian drinking laws in Philadelphia were too, well, draconian for them. For just one weekend, lucky attendees at the Democratic Convention were allowed to drink until the sun came up – last orders for the rest of Philadelphia was at 2am.

On Wednesday, Victoria legalised Uber, but to appease the taxi industry, the government has added a $2 per trip tax for taxi and ride-share customers. The IPA’s Aaron Lane slams the new tax. Massachusetts also implemented an Uber tax this week. Robby Soave described this as an unjust redistribution of wealth in Reason on Monday.

In England, Jeremy Corbyn deliberately chose to sit on the floor of a train to make a point about overcrowding and the need for nationalisation, but was caught lying (no pun intended). Turns out there was a plethora of empty seats. Read up on “traingate” here.

Venezuela is falling apart. Desperate Venezuelans broke into the zoo and killed animals for food. Families are hiring caskets for funerals, but burying their dead in cardboard boxes to save money and people have been banned from queuing for bread.

The National Museum of Australia will soon be holding the phenomenally successful A History of the World in 100 Objects exhibition. This was the brainchild of the former Director of the British Museum, Neil McGregor, and traces human history through 100 objects in the museum’s collection. Listen to McGregor talking about the objects, take a look at the book and read this 2011 review of the exhibition from the New York Times.

Here’s your feel-good story from the Rio Olympics. Kenya’s Julius Yego decided that javelin throwing might just be his sport, so he fashioned some javelins out of long sticks and learned the technique from YouTube videos. He ended up winning silver in Rio.

Article of the week

Spiked editor-at–large, Mike Hume, warns that Theresa May’s failure to trigger Article 50 to allow Brexit is a threat to the future of democracy in Britain.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: James Bolt

What happened to political satire? Why is it so toothless these days? These are the questions Malcolm Gladwell asks in this brilliant edition of his podcast series Revisionist History. His takedown of Saturday Night Live’s so-called political satire is one for the ages.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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