Would Harambe endorse Gary Johnson?

September 8, 2016

From James Bolt

This is the best graph you will see this week.

That’s from CapX on Monday as part of their article ‘How We Are Beating Hunger In 5 Graphs‘. The number of undernourished people has fallen by 265 million since 1992. Part of the reason is we’re growing more food, and we’re about to have the second highest global grain crop in history:

We should show these graphs to the UN human rights office! Last week they tweeted whether the belief in the power of free market policies constituted an “urgent threat” to human rights.

Last week we told you about the EU demanding Apple pay €13 billion in taxes to Ireland that Ireland didn’t even want. You have to read John O’Sullivan’s scathing article about what really motivated EU’s decision in National Review on Tuesday. The Adam Smith Institute covered the five things everyone needs to know about the ruling.

The Presidential election is exactly two months away. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson on Sunday received the most important endorsement in party history. This video of Abraham Lincoln endorsing Gary Johnson is also going viral. If you want to find out more about Gary Johnson, Tim Black onSpiked wrote this great profile of him on Monday.

On Saturday, thousands of sore losers gathered in London to protest Brexit. Brendan O’Neill had this fantastic article in The Spectator on Tuesday on how the anti-Brexit brigade reveals democracy is hanging by a thread in Britain. Dan Hannan wrote in The Sun on Monday that Brexit provides more economic opportunities for Britain than the EU ever did.

The conservative movement lost a titan on Monday with the death of Phyllis Stewart Schlafly. Ann Coulter wrote this obituary for her in Townhall. The editors of National Review explained her impact on conservatism and showcased the highlights of her career.

This week’s long read is this insightful 4,000 word piece from Gary Saul Morson in the September edition of New Criterion on how Western scholars overlook the horrors of communism, and why the ideology of communism is in itself the problem. At least we in the West have the freedom to ignore history – in Russia it is illegal to say the USSR invaded Poland in 1939.

The internet is dominated by memes about Harambe, the Cincinatti Zoo gorilla shot in May. Some people aren’t getting the joke, though. Employees of the University of Massachusetts have banned students from making Harambe memes because they are a racist ‘microaggression‘. If this is your first exposure to the world of Harambe memes, then start at the best.

The IPA is proud to be hosting the first Open Minds Workshop in Melbourne on Saturday 22 October. This is a must-attend event for young people interested in the history of Western Civilisation. More details here.

Article of the week

Around a billion people live on US$3 a day or less, but in 1800 almost the entire world lived that way. How have we come so far, so quickly? Dierdre McCloskey says in the New York Times last Friday it was because of what Adam Smith called ‘the liberal plan of equality, liberty and justice’.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam

Even The Guardian acknowledges Isaiah Berlin’s brilliant The Hedgehog and the Fox, which has come in at number 28 on their 100 best non-fiction books. Berlin also appears in the IPA’s 100 Great Books On Liberty, read Tom Quirk’s review here.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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