Morgan was right

November 10, 2016

From James Bolt

The IPA’s Morgan Begg called the election in March (as he constantly reminds us) – as well as DilbertĀ creator Scott Adams and filmmaker Michael Moore.

Here’s a demographic breakdown of Trump’s victory, and this is how each county voted:

You have to read this article by Marc Fisher in The Washington Post on how Trump’s anti-establishment politics got him elected. Here are the other two-must reads published after the election:

A lot of people are asking what Trump’s victory means for climate change – it’s probably not as bad as these EU people are saying.

The 18C case against three former students of QUT for writing a Facebook post three years ago was thrown out on Friday. The IPA was in the courtroom when this was announced – watch our Facebook Live video we filmed immediately following the verdict. As John Roskam wrote in our media release, in this case – the process is the punishment.

The IPA have been telling people about how the QUT case demonstrates that 18C erodes our legal rights since the story broke – watch our video we released in June explaining the case.

The next major 18C case is the one against Bill Leak. Today, a Galaxy Research poll commissioned by the IPA found that 64% of Australians disapproved of the Human Rights Commission investigating a cartoon.

On last Thursday, we released our new video with Simon Breheny and Janet Albrechtsen explaining the Bill Leak case and what it means for freedom of speech.

A new study has found that enforcing classroom discipline produces better academic outcomes and a stronger work ethic. This was reported in both the Sydney Morning Herald and the education journal Duh.

Tim Harford – author of the popular book The Undercover Economist – has launched a new podcast on the 50 things that made the modern economy what it is today. Episode 1 – The Diesel engine.

This week’s long read is this 3,000 word article from the latest edition of City Journal on how the current unpopularity of capitalism is not due to the effects of free markets, but government interference in free markets.

Article of the week

A new report from the WWF found that wild animal numbers are rising in wealthy countries but falling in poorer ones. The great Matt Ridley in The Times on Monday explains why the best way to help animal conservation is through economic development.

IPA Staff Pick

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Morgan Begg

Something I enjoyed reading as the votes were coming in was Quadrant Online editor Roger Franklin’s coverage direct from Washington DC. He saw the writing on the wall (or the signs on the lawn) that Pennsylvania was going to fall into the Trump column.

The other piece is from Joel Kotkin in City Journal, which provides a succinct explanation for why Trump won – that the American people voted “no” to oligarchy and the ruling elite.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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