You call that a niche?

February 2, 2017

From Peter Gregory

95% of Australians say freedom of speech is important to them. That’s one helluva niche issue:

That’s the major finding of the Galaxy poll the IPA commissioned, covered on the front page of The Australian on Tuesday:

For the full findings and data from the poll, click here.

The IPA’s Dr Chris Berg and Simon Breheny presented the case to repeal 18C to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights in Melbourne on Tuesday. The IPA’s Facebook Live stream of their appearance has been watched by over 2,300 people – watch the highlights package here, the full version here, and read the IPA’s written submission here.

Here are the three best pieces from around the world written over the break:

For everything you need to know about Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s new appointment to the US Supreme Court, read this piece from Ramesh Ponnuru in National Review on Tuesday. And for everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s executive order on red tape, read this blog post in Reason from Monday.

Donald Trump must have read the IPA’s Deborah Sims’ piece about medication regulation in the IPA Review. He announced on Tuesday that he wants to speed up the approvals process for new drugs in the US (Trump also probably read my piece in The Australian Financial in November 2014 about the US Food and Drug Administration and Ebola).

You might have noticed an uptick in political outrage on your Facebook newsfeed recently. On Wednesday in The Federalist, Bethany Mandel made the big call: ‘Facebook dead at 12, a victim of 2016‘.

Too bad Mandel deleted Facebook – she missed the IPA’s Dr Bella d’Abrera’s piece in The Spectator Australia about Australia Day which received 75,000 views on the IPA’s Facebook page.

And claims 2016 was ‘the hottest on record’ have been questioned by scientists on RealClearInvestigations on Sunday.

If you’re in Melbourne next Wednesday, you can’t miss the HR Nicholls Society’s night with former Treasurer Peter Costello – details here. And in Melbourne from 24-26 March our friends at the CIS are holding the Liberty and Society Student Conference 2017 – details here.

Article of the week:

On Monday, Dan Hannan had this excellent piece in the Washington Examiner about the left’s love of fake news.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Dr Bella d’Abrera

Over Christmas I read Robert Tombs’ The English and their History published in 2014. Tombs’ achievement is to be able to present the unique history of the English from the Saxon settlement to the present day in an engaging and even-handed manner.

Here’s some of the highlights of what the IPA said over the break:

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